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Swordsman Online - School of Martials Art
Swordsman International Server located in Europe. Level Cap 90. Mid rates 10x All. Come join our us and have some fun. Friendly Community & Helpful GMs who play too!Daily Events& more! Free Sycee when vote!!!
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476 113
Eldorado Online (Real Cap70 Oldschool)
ECSRO cap 70 Style - Vote for Silk - x10 Rates - Special Rates for Lowies (Lv1-52) - Oldschool Gameplay - DDoS & Exploit Protected - Active GMs - International Community - All critical bugs fixed - Thief\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Wanted System - Host located in Europe - Database Backup every hour - 99,9% Uptime - 1500 Slot - No Lag - Balanced Builds - HP of Lv60 Trade Pets doubled - Higher Mob Spawnrate - Old Alchemy & Item Mall - Community Forum - Top 20 Ranking - Live Online User* & Online Team
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269 41
iMU Online Season 8 Episode 3
iMU International |Season8Ep3| 50x|NoReset|October12,2014|24/7|100% PROFESSIONAL\r\niMU Online | eX702 Plus | 999x Exp | 50% Drop | 2 Year Running Server\r\niMU Online Odin | Ex702 | Exp 250x | NoReset | No ML| FRESH NEW SERVER |
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144 36
TempoMu - Season 8.2 | 200x | Drop:65 | Opening 28/10
TempoMu Information!\r\n\r\nVersion: Season 8 Episode 2\r\nExp: 200x\r\nDrop: 65%\r\nPPLVL: 20/30\r\nExtra EXP: ON!\r\nShops: +4 Items, Swords, Orb/Scroll .....\r\nMax Level: 400\r\nMax Resets: 1000\r\nMax Stats: 32767\r\nCashShop Work!/tell in WebSite how Buy Set\r\n\r\nNew Items with Sockets!! Balanced all Characters!\r\nBalance PVP Soon New Events\r\nNew Spot in Arena! Spots in all Maps\r\nNewMap All Events Auto work!\r\nNO WHIPE OUT ! LET START A NEW BIG MUCOMMUNITY!\r\nJOIN US NOW AND HAVE FUN!
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102 35
Legend Luna Plus
Max lv200\r\n- Reborn (no +stats, no +point)\r\n- PVP\r\n- Weekly Guild Tournament\r\n- Castle Siege\r\n- Farming & Fishing\r\n- New Majin 3 Job : Fighter, Rogue, Mage\r\n- New Dungeon Tree of Kenai & Underground Prison\r\n- New Map Granite Zone, Guild Camp, Twisted Earth\r\n- No Penalty level (lv200 still get drop item and gold from lv1)\r\n- Free Enchant +7 Max Enchant +20\r\n- Alias / Title
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100 72
Questers Perfect World
Come join our family!/151 New Horizons PVE server/150 Level Cap & reawakening 2x/ Mid Rates/ NPC\\\'s Sell Everything-Free to play-Grind QuesterCoins to purchase packs and others/Friendly Community & Helpful GMs who play too!/Daily Events& more!
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100 41
South East Asia GunZ
We have the following features.\r\n\r\n\r\n-Antilead and antihack systems.\r\n-Balanced items\r\n-Custom Maps\r\n-DT, CW, Quest, Survival and CTF modes.\r\n-x10 EXP Rate\r\n-Variety of free items at the In-game shop\r\n-24/7 Server located in Hong Kong for much more in-game stability for South East Asia and Pacific based players.\r\n-Everyday events in-game.\r\n-More improvements to come soon.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nJOIN NOW!!
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100 39
MonkeyKing Online DragonTechs Worldwide
MonkeyKing Online newly released Private Server, x20EXP/x15 Gold Drop/x5 Item drop/x10 Upgrade Rate, Custom Features, And expert staff. Stick around! Best Regards, DragonTechs Worldwide Staff.
Category: MMORPG And MPOG | 8 | Full Stats
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100 39
AstralMaple - v153.1 (v155.1 Coming Soon)
A low rate server with more features on the way. We have huge variety of features to occupy you in the server. SAO World our AstralNetwork Exclusive Content brought back to Astral since the release date back at v113. We even added our own buff channel, custom achievement and so much more. Stop reading and join us now!!!
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100 35
[TaurusMu Season6 Ep3][9999exp 100%drop][120 Costume sets][65k max stats][24\\7][Daily Gm Events][New fenrirs][AntiLag-AntiCheat][Sockets in every item][New 30 Wings][Reset\'s Shop][GrandRest][Box\'s drop fo items][Automatic Events][NoBugs][Vote Reward][GmApps Open!][New Server, rewards for first 30 players]
Category: Mu Online | 10 | Full Stats
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100 35
Assassin Online
AssassinOnline Sro Game \r\nServer Information :\r\nCap 130\r\nDegree 14 Degree\r\nExp 350x\r\nParty Exp 400x\r\nGold 20x\r\nTowns All Town work & New Area Petra\r\nJob rate 25x\r\nFree Silk 5000 Silk\r\nStall Gold Limit 500B\r\n--------------------------------\r\nNew Scroll\\\'s\r\n1-Name Change Scroll\r\n2-Resets stats Scroll\r\n3-PK.Remover Scroll\r\n4-Scroll Remove Blue\r\n5-Abs \\\\ Dmg For 30Mins\r\n6-Damage Increase Scroll\r\n7-Damage Absorption Scroll\r\n\r\nWhat News : \r\nNew area Petra , New areas , Survival Area
Category: Silkroad Online | 11 | Full Stats
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100 34
Tag-Story, Perfection Is ON~
We\\\'re A Brand New MapleStory v0.83 Server.\r\nEasy.! but yet A Hard Server.\r\nJoin Us Today :)\r\nRates Are 1000/500/3.\r\n
Category: MapleStory | 12 | Full Stats
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100 33
ImpactWoW 3.3.5a | 4.3.4 *In Dev*
ImpactWoW is currently under development. We have emulation services under 3.3.5a and 4.3.4. Sign up and become a tester or Developer![FunServer realm = Entertainment Server *OPEN*][Main Project realm = Helios *CLOSED *][Learn WoW emu realm = Educational *Apply by contacting zachyo45 (skype)*]
Category: World of Warcraft | 13 | Full Stats
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100 33
Arcana Network Season II | Exp:105 | Drop:50 | MaxReset :10
Season II | Exp:105 | Drop:50 | MaxReset :10 Grand opening 1 August 19:00 GMT+2 Excellent Monster Drop: Very Good Full Events, Full Fun only for Pro Players !!!
Category: Mu Online | 14 | Full Stats
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100 33
Arcadia PVE Runes of Magic
Arcadia PVE Runes of Magic is a brand-new Runes of Magic Private Server. Opened on 09/2014. Our rates are x13 XP / X13 TP / X13 Gold / X13 Drop. We hope you all enter in our server and enjoy of Taborea.
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100 32
Alpha WoW [4.3.4 Catacylsm]
Instant 85 Blizzlike PvP, With a constantly developing realm due to the hard work of our professional & friendly staff. alot of features!Feature List: 1v1 Arena, Blizzlike PvP System, no Custom Items,Professional Staff, Constant Development, almost 0 spell bugs, Balanced PVP, VIP System, NO pay to win
Category: World of Warcraft | 16 | Full Stats
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100 31
ZementA WoW - German - Battlegroup System - Drachenssele kommt bald!
Spiele europaweit gegen Spieler von verschiedenen Servern. 4.3.4 Blizzlike, 10x Erfahrung. DRACHENSEELE kommt bald.
Category: World of Warcraft | 17 | Full Stats
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100 28
Mu 0N
Grand Opening 13.09.2014 |Season 8|x170|40%|5/7|No Webshop|No Lags|Long Term
Category: Mu Online | 18 | Full Stats
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100 26
L2Citadel is the only Lineage II Hellbound private server based on official files. These files are privately developed and unlike other private server projects we have full access to all functionalities (both scripts and core!).This gives us the opportunity to offer you a unique low rate retail like gaming experience! [Current status: Closed Beta]
Category: Lineage 2 | 19 | Full Stats
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100 33
Mu Tempo - Season 8.2 | 200x | Drop:65 | Opening 28/10
TempoMu Information!\r\n\r\nVersion: Season 8 Episode 2\r\nExp:\r\n200x\r\nDrop:\r\n65%\r\nPPLVL:\r\n20/30\r\nExtra EXP:\r\nON!\r\nShops:\r\n+4 Items, Swords, Orb/Scroll .....\r\nMax Level:\r\n400\r\nMax Resets:\r\n1000\r\nMax Stats:\r\n32767\r\nCashShop Work!/tell in WebSite how Buy Set\r\nVote Reeward\r\nSoon!\r\nNew Items with Sockets!!\r\nBalanced all Characters!\r\nBalance PVP Soon\r\nNew Events\r\nNew Spot in Arena!\r\nSpots in all Maps\r\nNewMap\r\nAll Events Auto work!\r\nNO WHIPE OUT !\r\nLET START A NEW BIG MUCOMMUNITY!\r\nJOIN US NOW AND HAVE FUN!
Category: Mu Online | 20 | Full Stats
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100 39
Pokemon Planet Online
Hiya all welcome to pokemon planet made by brody im just here to advertise this amazing pokemon trainer game it is over improved he works his hardest to make it exciting and fun for all of his player\'s their are over loads of features to use like trading pvp battling sharing and helping other\'s more to come in the future this is a highly recommended game!\r\n\r\nThe Category is a lie their is no pokemon option so it\'s random since it won\'t let me but it is a poekmon game hope you all enjoy!
Category: Pokemon | 21 | Full Stats
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100 30
Mu Noah Season 6 Episode 3
Server Inauguracion el dia 30 - 11 - 2014 . Exp:x500 Drop: 40% ResetLv:400 ResetPoints:500 StatsReset StatsMax:65000 - Todos los eventos con bonificacion de experiencia y drop - Estabilidad y soporte las 24 horas - Eventos constantes - Seccion Comunidad: . Ingresa Ahoraa y registrate para la gran inauguracion!
Category: Mu Online | 22 | Full Stats
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100 27
Lava-Gaming 3.3.5a Instant 80 Funserver
Version 3.3.5a * Instant 80 * Legendary Quests * Stairway Event * Daily Events * \r\nFriendly Staff * Professionaly Managed * Custom Instances * Custom Gear Sets *\r\nNo Lag * 24/7 Uptime * Join now for free gear!
Category: World of Warcraft | 23 | Full Stats
KickerMu Season 6 episode 9 | x9999 | drop 99% | max 3 options | Balanced PvP ! In Out
63 62
KickerMu season 6 episode 9 , custom ex702 sets , weapons , custom wings 2.5 , wings Ex802 on chaos mix . Balanced PvP , max 3 options excellent , no sockets system .\r\nJoin Us Now !
Category: Mu Online | 24 | Full Stats
37 28
New MU online 24/7 server,works in datacenter,ddos protection.. Started in 1st of november 2014. Long time server. Try and have fun.\r\n
Category: Mu Online | 25 | Full Stats
Humanity Reign, Order Vs Chaos In Out
14 25
The worlds most custom Maplestory Private Server. Choose between several custom classes such as the Catalyst, Descendant, Asura, Valkyrie, Phoenix, Exorcist, Archangel, and many more! Then choose to fight for The Divine Order or The Rising Chaos in our epic custom storyline and PvP system. 5x/2x/1x rates make for fun and challenging gameplay. Join now to see a full list of all the custom features! [Dedicated Server] [24 Hour Up-Time]
Category: MapleStory | 26 | Full Stats
Hadeskal - Greek Mythology KalOnline EXTREME RATES In Out
3 50
Start lv. 80 all jobs, full g70 - EXTREME HIGHRATE Poseidon Server. Based on RedLight Repack | Pvp tournaments | Greek Mythology Story based | Start on the Olymp, talk to the Gods! | Protect the Olymp and fight against Hades!
Category: Kal Online | 27 | Full Stats
Reload MU Season 2 Easy Server In Out
1 30
ReloadMU Season 2 99999 exp Need GMS Hosted ResetShop autoevents and new items and more !
Category: Mu Online | 28 | Full Stats
[HOT] MuXRate - 100x - NO FO ITEMS - 16. November In Out
0 22
Season 4 - EXP: 100x - Drop: 60% - Points: 5/7/7 - Great Spots - Best Shops - NO FO ITEMS - Grand Reset system - Vote Reward system - DDOS Protection - Online 24/7 - Have a look an you will not regret! - XRate - Because we are here to stay!
Category: Mu Online | 29 | Full Stats
Delta GunZ In Out
0 45
New & Everything you need to play !
Category: Gunz Online | 30 | Full Stats
Dimension WoW private server 3.3.5 In Out
0 41
[Fast leveling][Level Cap 255][Custom Gear][DimesnionX 255 Fun realm][patch 335][EVERY single MOP Gear][Amazing scripted Instances/Raids][Custom Quests][Working BG and Arena][Custom Mall][All Race Class Patch][Friendly Staff][No Lags]
Category: World of Warcraft | 31 | Full Stats
Madrigal Heroes | v2 Revamp | Mid Rate In Out
0 39
Mid rate server, 25x EXP, 50x Drop, 50x Penya. 3rd jobs. Pet filter, Burnout system, duel system, arena scoreboard, guild colors, bounty system, durability system, fashion combine, quick job change, perin converter, item linking, teleporter, colosseum and more!
Category: Flyff | 32 | Full Stats
MapleEra v117 In Out
0 34
MapleEra |v117.2| Low Rate 8/4/2| Brand New| Fair community| Fair GMs| Great Events| LLTK System|All working skills| Quests| GMS LIKE| Vote Rewards| FM shops|Active staff| Daily Events|
Category: MapleStory | 33 | Full Stats
Eternal DN In Out
0 33
Level 80 cap, 80EX Skills and maps soon.\r\n7 classes, no light fury bug, synchronized with CDN\r\nVolcano Nest entrance unlocked (in progress)\r\nGold x50, exp x30, drop x30\r\nHighly active and experienced staff that listens\r\n80A equipment released\r\nAll skill synchronized with KDN+CDN\r\nCustom hand translated English client\r\nCustom NPC + Class Voices + Cutscenes voices\r\nWeekly/bi-weekly events\r\nServer hosted on Tier-1 colocation data center for superb performance\r\nIncreased Skill points per level
Category: Dragon Nest | 34 | Full Stats
*NEW* Luminaflyff v18 Midrate/Balance In Out
0 33
[MidRate/Balance Server] [Cheap Donation][EXP:1000 DROP:1000 PENYA:2000] [Level Cap:175][Huntable Donateitems] [Stable Server-98% Uptime!!] [/Awake Command] [Quick Job Change] [Bahara Desert] [Balanced PvP] [Glow Changer] [Teleport System] [Model Changer] [Colosseum] [Active Staff]
Category: Flyff | 35 | Full Stats In Out
0 31
Server speed 10000X\r\nTrop speed 50x\r\nBeghiner protection 5 dayz\r\nI implementated 20 vilages for farming\r\nServer is 24/24 -7/7\r\nFree 150 gold just wirite 1 mesage to multihunter\r\nthese server it is just for fun
Category: Travian | 36 | Full Stats
Chronos MuOnline In Out
0 30
Version: Season 6 Episode 3\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Experience: x500\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Drop: 60%\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Beginners Starting Bonus Points: 1000\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Reset: 400 level (Keep Stats)\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Reset Fee: 10,000,000\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Grand Reset: 60 Resets (stats resets)\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Grand Reset Fee: 50,000,000 zen\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Grand Reset Reward: 10,000 credits and 1,000 bonus stats\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ Server PVP - (Fight to get best spots)\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n+ 24/7 - Long-Term Server
Category: Mu Online | 37 | Full Stats
O2jam Goplays In Out
0 30
Category: O2Jam | 38 | Full Stats
Valhalla MuOnline In Out
0 24
Grand Opejning 17.10.14 08.00 GMT+2 SEason 4.6 EXP 25x+ happy hour and double exp at events/ drop 40% and happy hour 3 stage reset system, new jewels, 250+ spots for leveling, gold party system, marry system, events, balanced economy where ZEN is hard to get and costs, Golden archer system, webshop to buy items for Wcoins JOIN THE FUN NOIW
Category: Mu Online | 39 | Full Stats
Silver Sea Online | 24/7 Dedicated TOP/Pko private server In Out
0 24
Silver Sea Online, it is non-hamachi, 24/7 , very different and really stable Top/Pko Private server.
Category: Tales Of Pirates | 40 | Full Stats
Initiation MU Starts - 13/10/2014 In Out
0 23
Version: Season 2 Exp: 100x Drop: 50% no webshop
Category: Mu Online | 41 | Full Stats
HorntailMS In Out
0 22
[Alpha Development] [GMS-Like] [Bringing back the old to the new] [Re-written Story-line] [Special donor and vote items]
Category: MapleStory | 42 | Full Stats
RegalMU In Out
0 23
[RegalMU] [Season 3 Episode 1] [Experience:50x] [Drop:60] [Balanced Characters] [PVP unique settings] [24/7 Uptime,Stable] [Max stats:32767] [New Events] [New Ancients/Jewels] [Castle Siege On every Sunday] [New Arena2] [Active GMs] [Anti-Cheat] [Spots in all maps]\r\n
Category: Mu Online | 43 | Full Stats
L2GameFear In Out
0 23
Join:\r\nServer Information\r\nRate: 50 xp 50 sp 250 adena\r\nBoss: 2x\r\nEnchant: 80%\r\nBlessed Scroll Enchant: 80%\r\nDivine Scroll Enchant: 100%\r\nSafe: +4\r\nMax. Enchant: +18\r\nBuff Time: 2h\r\nAutomatic Events:\r\nTownWar\r\nTeam vs Team\r\nCapture the Flag\r\nDomination\r\nMass Domination\r\nDeathmatch\r\nLast Man Standing\r\nTvT Advanced\r\nSingle Players Fight\r\nParty Fights\r\nKorean Style\r\nMini TvT \r\nAntiBot System:\r\nBlocked: L2Net, L2Tower, L2Walker, CP Reload, etc...
Category: Lineage 2 | 44 | Full Stats
Core-Servers Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8 In Out
0 28
Dedicated VPS, 1000mbps , 24/7 Online, No Lagg, 1x Blizzlike, Mists of Pandaria 5.4.8\r\nDungeons,Classes,Races,Quests, Daily Updates, Big Community, Stable Server, Support Center
Category: World of Warcraft | 45 | Full Stats
[SHINZUONLINE] BETA STARTED | 09.11.14 | 16:00 In Out
0 52
LowRate | New Story with quests Low/Mid Rate|Real 3rd Job/Shiny | Real Honor/Reward/CW System | Selfmade drop & exp rates & balanced armor + weapon stats | every week 1vs1 with reward | selfmade ingame designs | 2x exp event every week | Castle War | Custom Protection | Active Admins
Category: Kal Online | 46 | Full Stats
MuOnline DrexTeam S8Epi3 In Out
0 46
Server Information:\r\nWebsite:\r\nFacebook Page:\r\nForo:\r\nGame Play Mechanics:\r\nExp : x100\r\nDrops : x40\r\nZen Rate : Default\r\nJewel On Shop : Soul for 250 Million Zen per pc.\r\nReset: 400\r\nPuntos x Reset: 300 Puntos\r\nMax Stats :
Category: Mu Online | 47 | Full Stats
UltimateOnline [DG14][PVE][AwakenSystem][Cap130][New Area][ActiveTeam] In Out
0 45
UltimateOnline PVE/CAP130/PLAY2WIN/NewAreas/AwakenSystemServer Name: UltimateOnline\r\nCap: 130Skills: 125Race: EU/CHIP Limit: 5Experience rate: 500XParty Experience rate: 600XGold drop : 100XItem drop : 50X/10000000 Silk 10 Pegasus 1000 MP/HP Stack 10 Drug Of typoon 10 Berserker Regeneration 10 Reverse Scroll 10 100% Resurrection Scroll/Forgotten World:Forgotten World is on and the reward is DG14 Sun Wepone/Job Temple:Job Temple is on and the uniques Drops Too much gold/Roc:Every Week Roc
Category: Silkroad Online | 48 | Full Stats
Fusion Kal Prevolution In Out
0 34
Fusion Kal Private Server Prevolution | Exp 400x , Egg Rate 200x . Drop Rate Custom (High) | Reborn System | Max G100 | DDoS Protection , No Laaags | New Addons | Vote 4 Us |
Category: Kal Online | 49 | Full Stats
MaplePurge v62 with Attacking pets In Out
0 33
MaplePurge is a brand new v62 server.Come and relive the glorious days in 2009, without all those features that are pay-to-win. Pets, PQs, Zakum, Horned Tail, Merchants, rings, you name it! It all works. Come be a part of this fascinating server and you won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t regret it. Expect constants updates, new features and bug/glitch fixes, because unlike many, we know what we are doing.\r\n\r\nLegend has it a dark presence is haunting this server...
Category: MapleStory | 50 | Full Stats